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Re: [opensuse] howto use an OLD pentium 3 with 192MB RAM as webradio receiver?
On 03/07/2013 05:59 PM, Andreas wrote:

I've got an old notebook from about 2002 that has only a pentium 3 600mhz with 192mb RAM and a 20 gb hdd.

Now I'm wondering if I could use it as a web-radio receiver or throw it out.

OpenSUSE won't even run the installer with 192mb RAM. :(

Basically I'd like to connect it to my stereo and have it playing some streams via WLAN.
If got an PCMCIA WLAN-card (atheros) as it hasn't got either LAN nor WLAN built in.

Some console app that plays streams managed via ssh would be OK.

Any GUI connected by VNC would even be better.

Any suggestions, please?

Dang. I was all ready to reply and ask if you would consider selling it, but I'm afraid shipping qould be to much to make it worthwhile. It might make a great radio programming computer with DOS on it. For a lot of old radios modern computers won't work. To fast. You might kind of post it around and see if anyone is interested.


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