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Re: [opensuse] 10 days out - 12.3 recommendations
On 2013-03-07 14:38 (GMT+01100) Basil Chupin composed:


The Tumbleweed project provides a rolling updates version of openSUSE
containing the latest stable versions of all software instead of relying
on rigid periodic release cycles. The project does this for users that
want the newest, but stable software.


Do you understand the words "stable" and "newest , but stable"?

Tell me how different this is to what you wrote above re stability and
having latest (security) patches, etc, etc.?

"Stable" (aka 11.4) means

no Grub2
no systemd
no Gnome3
no dracut
no Plymouth
optionally, no KDE4
panning in X still works (broken in 12.2, still broken in 12.3, Factory & upstream)

It's quite arguably stretching the meaning of "stable" to include the above within its definition, at least, as implemented in 12.1, 12.2 or even 12.3. Systemd is not yet even in 12.3 a 100% drop-in replacement for SysV. Grub2 integration into YaST and docs remains incomplete in 12.3.

Keeping 11.4 supported as long as a Debian release is routinely kept supported doesn't make it ancient. Newer isn't necessarily better. Some people really don't consider a mere two years as sufficient interval between system "upgrades". Large numbers continue to use WinXP, and it's over 11 years old.
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