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Re: [opensuse] Curious about Yast2 Partitioner
On 3/5/2013 11:30 AM, ianseeks wrote:
On Monday 04 Mar 2013 10:39:05 Marc Chamberlin wrote:
I decided to get my computers ready for the upcoming new release of
openSuSE 12.3 and my approach has been to always install each release in
a separate partition. That way I can continue to use the older
release(s) until I get the new version up on running. (I have a few
servers and other complications that does not make this a simple/easy
upgrade process.)

Anywise, on a couple of systems, I found I needed to resize and/or move
partitions around a bit, on my disk drives. So I trotted over to Yast2
and discovered that the partitioner, that comes as part of its tool set,
does not allow one to do either, claiming that it can't because the
partitions are already created and in use. Neither does the version of
Yast that comes with the installation disk for openSuSE where such
capability is most likely going to be required. I found that both rather
surprising and frustrating, especially since over in the Windoz world
tools like Partition Magic have had that sort of capability for decades now.
Strange, i launched the partitioner in Yast and it allowed me the option to
resize and/or move - not that i actually did it. The buttons were active so i
pressed the resize one and it allowed me pick a new size.
Ianseeks - I may have understated the problem a bit so let me clarify what I was wanting to do. I needed to re-size the extended partition by adding space to the beginning of it. I had an empty gap in my partition layout between a primary partition used for swap and the beginning of the extended partition. I wanted to include this empty space inside the extended partition so as to use it to create a new partition. (I already have 3 primary partitions so am not allow to create another primary partition) Yast's partitioner would not allow me to do this, GParted did.

I also wanted to re-size/increase one of the primary partitions but in order to do so I needed to move the primary partitions following it so as to get some space to then include in the primary partition that I wanted to increase in size. Again, Yast would not allow me to do so, i.e. move an already created partition, GParted did.

Note: I tried to do this from within an installation DVD for openSuSE as well as from within a running openSuSE. The Yast partitioner is the tool that is supplied on these installation DVD's and what I am pointing out is that it was insufficient for me to accomplish the tasks I needed to do in order to install a new version of openSuSE into either a new partition or over an existing (small) one. I had to create a LiveCD under Debian in order to get access to GParted in order to redo my partition layout.

I think it is a sad statement that I had to resort to a different distro in order to install openSuSE and felt this was not a good reflection on openSuSE, so wanted to bring it up and suggest that an alternate (or some enhancements) to the Yast partitioner might be in order.

So yes, the buttons to re-size and move partitions are there in the YaST partitioner, but when one actually tries to use them in situations such as I was facing, one is told by the YaST partitioner that it cannot be done on an already created partition. (Which is a lie, they can be moved and re-sized. You just need a partitioner that is smart enough to know how.)

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