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Re: [opensuse] own environment variables in init scripts
  • From: Meike Stone <meike.stone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 09:40:56 +0100
  • Message-id: <>

What a daemon must do at startup is documented here

section "SysV Daemons"

Your need of passing arbitrary environment variables to a daemon conflicts
with step 4.

Note that those 15 steps in the document describe the ideal behavior.
I have not found any that either implements all the required steps or do
them correctly, but a mythological daemon might :-)
Thanks for help and sharing informations. I'll work through it. I
understand what you mean.

Nowdays we aspire to provide functionality as "New-Style Daemons" if
Yes, I know systemd ... I'm not enjoyed about that on servers ... it
is in my opinion against the KISS principle. I does not care for the
time of boot process.
I'm looking forward, what SuSE is going to do with systemd in SLES12
,,, In case of Desktops, it makes really sense.

Last question. Should I only avoid to set global variables, or is it
in general not recommended to use env variables with apache.
I use this variables to set path variables for eg. logfiles,
certificates. If you have eg. 100 vhots, it is really easier to manage
My colleges, who are responsible for this vhosts, only get the
variables. Configuration for pathes (eg. other mountpoint ..) changes,
so I only have to change the environment variables.
What makes it so dangerous to us this mechanism, provided by apache,
to use for set logfile path?

Thank you very much


PS: HOSTNAME was only a example for a global variable ;-)
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