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Re: [opensuse] What are these "devices" in my partition info?
El 03/03/13 01:39, Basil Chupin escribió:
I don't recall seeing these in oS prior to 12.2, but what are these
"devices" with file system of TMPFS showing in the screengrab of the
partition information in YaST2?:

What created them and for what reason?

They were mounted by systemd and/or by the kernel/initrd

They are required for your system to work as expected.

/dev/shm --> required by glibc

/run and /var/run are required by almost all basic services. that's where applications create sockets for interprocess communication and few remaining services that still create pid files.

/var/lock is where apps create file locks, probably the wrong thing to do, but required.

/media is where hotplugged storage devices will be mounted

/sys/fs/cgroups is where the cgroups kernel subsystem operates, required by systemd, if you axe it, your system will not boot.

All of them use the tmpfs filesystem because they must be clean/empty on every system start otherwise funny things will happend.

In the ideal world of happy thoughts and unicorns, software should cleanup /run /var/run /var/lock on exit, that does not match reality, making those mount points volatile is the only workable solution at the scale of a large distribution.

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