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Re: [opensuse] Silly little text file editing question............
Per Jessen wrote:
Everything you send to a VT-100 is
line base, one long string
Not the ones I used to work with. Generally, you press one key and one character goes out the serial port. Same on receive. The text was displayed on the screen as it came in. BTW, back in those days, I was working with a variety of terminals, including mechanical teletypes, Texas Instruments Silent 700s, VT-100s, VT-220, DEC Writers and others. There was even one terminal that was so dumb, it was retarded, where anything beyond inserting or deleting a character required sending the entire screen to the computer and sending it back with the changes made or function performed.

Of course, back in those days, some text editors were line based. As I recall, the Edit editor on Pr1me computers was even worse than the Edlin that came with Microsoft DOS.
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