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Re: [opensuse] Unnecessary Packages in Yast: Can they be removed without consequence?

Op 10/31/2012 9:56 PM, Felix Miata schreef:
On 2012-10-31 20:58 (GMT+0100) Oddball composed:

Felix Miata composed:

Menu.lst is script. Anything in it can be entered at a grub> prompt.
If you have a grub> prompt, and there is an installed and functional
kernel and initrd, grub can find it/them, and get you booted by
entering appropriate kernel, initrd & boot commands.

that cli is minimal, and lacks the command: find.

All CLI interfaces I'm familiar with have a prompt of some sort. Do you have any prompt on that screen? Grub Legacy's is grub>. Root's bash shell ends in #. Other's bash shell ends with $. If you have no prompt, you have no CLI, just a useless screen implying no instructions to proceed further.
Yes, i know, it sounds stupid. But it is very limited.
It says grub> _
the only thing it can answer is: error: can't find command, error: filename expected.
It has a very limited input size, kernelname and number do not fit.
Just behind the bios, nothing is loaded yet.

But if you can supply me with the proper comands, i will try what can be done with this prompt.
sda3 /boot Kernel: Linux 3.7.0-rc2-4-desktop i686

The other thing is a mistake i made: i never use lvm.
This time i thought ok, lets try it.
Lvm is not supported yet in Knoppix, so the partitions could not get mounted, only windows and /boot were visible.

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