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Re: [opensuse] KDE super boot manager, or plymouth manager, only on ubuntu?
Op 28-10-12 12:43, Rajko schreef:

Problem is how to make people (developers), that spend days in a
console, believe that. On their own machines, in extreme cases, they
invented elaborate ways to use today's large screens without ever
leaving text mode; one such way is utility called "screen".

It is problem to understand something one has no problem with.

If you put it this way, it would even be near to impossible to convince them that there are other distro's outside, than openSUSE....

People that see colors, can't understand black and white vision, or
more common lack of some color. When you see someone happy with almost
monochromatic design of openSUSE, one would think of minor, or
complete, lack of senses for other colors. When you see someone happy
with many colors that normal vision perceives as screaming, maybe they
look fair in artists vision. There is many ways vision can be better,
or worse then normal, which gives many ways people can misunderstand
each other.

Indeed, also reality...

People that skilfully juggle with pages of text (code) don't need flow
diagrams, and those that read code don't need manuals.

Problem is that many that juggle the code are not that skilled, so they
are better off using flow diagrams, and conversely, even when you read
code, you have to memorize symbols that other people introduced, which
can lead to overload, errors and misunderstandings.

Yes, that very likely to happen..
On the other hand, i have not ever met anybody that can write code without any bugs...
especially when it has to cooperate with other code, that gets updated and changes all the time..

In extreme case, those that never learned and practiced methods to
improve ability to wrestle with a code, nor have natural talent to deal
with symbols, are left in a dust without flow diagrams and manuals.

Sad, but true reality....
It is very hard to find your way in an ever changing environment and architecture...

Their need to feel in control of machine has no hooks in reality when
they can't change even decorations, and that is about the same feeling
they have with preinstalled operating system. In other words people with
this user profile and motivation to use Linux, will not find any
satisfaction in Linux.

Yes, but the beauty of a KDE, dazzles people, and they want to use it! (I want to use THIS!)
That leads to the motivation to learn how it is done.
They want to show-off to their friends and relatives...
..and than, those friends have to learn that that 'ugly boot-screen, login-manager and other splash screens, even can not be changed...

And than, suddenly, they will be less interested in this beautiful desktop....
Also sad but true..

Bad is: that is the most common profile among computer users.
Worse is: without them, developers will not swarm around distro and
it will sink into irrelevance after having problems to find enough
developers interested in packaging, or being responsive to bug
reports and feature requests.
Yes, and the population moves over to a much simpler distro, like Ubunti, (much better name!) because they understand this need, and have 'a manager' to change those screens to whatever image one may like: Awesome!
And those that stick with openSUSE, have to, or: agree with the 'choosen' *most-important-first-impression-boot-screens*, or: spend at least a week to find a handle to 'force' openSUSE to their likings...


Have a nice day,

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