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[opensuse] Detailed Network Diagram for split Access 2 ISP's
On Fri, 31 Aug 2012, Lars Müller wrote:
On Fri, 31 Aug 2012, Per Jessen wrote:
On Thur, 30 Aug 2012 Boyd Gerber wrote:
Any ideas on how to proceede?

Well, you basically start by looking at a message as it travels through
the expected path - use e.g. tcpdump to track it. At some point the
message will take the wrong path, then you work out why.

Looking at your setup (snipped), you seem to have duplicated "ip rule
add" statements. It doesn't hurt, but it's confusing. Also, if you
intended to distribute the load over your two uplinks, I don't see
anything doing that.

An older discussion, unfortunately in German language only, might help
Cf. and in

If your interface isn't a bridge use ethX instead of brX for the
interface name. I guess you'll get the idea.

As we've not seen this special requirement often enough till now - I
guess we see it one or two times a year - I don't think we need to work
on a general YaST, sysconfig, or anything else out of the box solution
for this.

Actually, I will not be doing any load sharing. Problem is CenturyLink has added so much Fiber that my DSL connection through them with Xmission now is almost un use-able. They will not route yhe public Class C networs I have. I have to do something. I was forced to add their Fiber DSL service and them as an ISP. I purchased 5 static IP's from them. I want to just receive and send packets to each interface. only for that interface. I am using one openSUSE machine as my router. Everything inside is just fine. All I want is each interface

ISP 1 Xmission was a high speed connetion now it is only a Up/Down 1.5M/900k 3 Class C networks.

eth0 sends and receives on with gateway which controls 166.60.[62,63].0 and Everything for this goes through an other openSUSE box withpulic IP addresses.

CenturyLink DSL/Fiber Up/Down 12.5/1.0 M

eth1 sends and receves on'29

Other Machines
NAT eth1 |
local ---------------
Machines |openSUSE Server | DSL Modem
------------ --|Box Original |--Internet
------------ | | eth0 | |ISP 3 public |
|Local |----| |------ | Networks |
|192.169.x.x| |openSUSE | -----------------
------------- |Server |
| | eth 1 DSL Modem second ISP
| New |----------Internet
| | |
------------ | Modem NAT Machines
| 192.168.0.X
|----- Local Machines through

Above is my Network Diagram.

Ideally I would like the default on the new Intnet on the Server marked New above. But still have it answer to the 251 IP's and virtual hosts
Being able to handle all services for that it receives

Curently I have to have the default gateway set to eth0 for it to handle
all the services for 198.60.105.X except
This machine handled all of my 198.60.105 Class C network.

So I want it to respond with all services for 198.60.105 but have a default route to eth1. My rules publised do not seem to really work this way when I have the network configured from yast2 to default to eth1 They do allow me to ping, traceroute and bring up many other serices in cluding We properly from a shell on XMission to my other ISP when the default is But currently from any location outside of XMission to my CenturyLink network times out.

I know I have done this in the past but since my Stroke Like illness I really strugle doing these things. I have to go over them many times. So please forgive my lack of understand and trouble shooting skills. I have been going over the packets with wireshark. Was not find what I wanted with tcpdump.


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