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Re: [opensuse] connecting my telephone to the internet
On 2012/08/25 15:36 (GMT-0400) James Knott composed:

My home phone has
displayed the caller's name for as long as I've had call display. My
cell phone used to display number only and look up name in my phone
book, until I recently changed plans. It now shows the callers name,
without having to look it up in my phone book.

At the start here when it was Bellsouth, callerid was # only. Later it became an extra cost option to also have name if the phone supported the different protocol it required. It's a rip now because less than half incoming calls display anything for name. Close to half the number matches up to "unknown name". Sometimes "name" is just the calling number without any spaces or hyphens. About half the time there is not a name it displays "cell service". AT&T claims it can't do anything for force incoming to provide name. If I was running the FCC the name assigned to the number would be absolutely required unless the caller's ancient technology prevented even the number from being displayed, IOW, callerid would be all or nothing, and those without could be blocked with a messages saying why. You wouldn't answer your door if the person was wearing a mask, would you?
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