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Re: [opensuse] connecting my telephone to the internet
Carlos E. R. wrote:
By the way, I was surprised, during my last visit to Ottawa, that phones
displayed the name
of the caller instead of the number, without having to enter a phone list on
your terminal.
Very interesting and nice. Long distance calls did not have that feature. It is
curious that
telcos in different countries offer so different features - like the one I want
to block
unwanted callers that we have not in Spain, but you already had in the 1990s

Canada has long been at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, going all the way back to when Alexander Graham Bell made his first long distance call between Paris and Brantford Ontario (via the telegraph lines owned by a predecessor of a company I used to work for). We were also the first to have a domestic communications satellite. Caller ID has been here for years. My home phone has displayed the caller's name for as long as I've had call display. My cell phone used to display number only and look up name in my phone book, until I recently changed plans. It now shows the callers name, without having to look it up in my phone book. It's only in the past several years that Europe has started to catch up with what has long been available in North America.

Also, talking of these things, the UK telco is going the VoIP route, I
understand. They are
overhauling their network. But my news on that are old.

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