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Re: [opensuse] Substitutes for Akonadi programs
On 08/22/2012 01:57 PM, Kaare Rasmussen wrote:

I find it hard to accept having an instance of mysql sucking all memory
from my system just to handle mail and the like. It's the worst shit
database possible to choose. It would be another matter if there was a
personal choice of database, as I already use PostgreSQL heavily.

So, what substitutes for the following programs are acceptable -

I am seriously considering Emacs as the alternative for all of the
things you ask and for all the other stuff you didn't ask, they are all
integrated and from buffer to buffer I can copy cut paste stuff. The
learning process is slow but hey it is very rewarding with the sense of
peace one and the software does what I mean

- Kmail (Well, Thunderbird)

Gnus is good but I haven't yet fallen in love with it, and for imap
usage (not offlineimap) I found it slow, or my tweaking is not good.
Hence, Wanderlust is my currend choice, Both can be connected to Bbbd
allowing contact information to be accessible from everywhere.

- Akgregator
Comes with gnus, wanderlust though as NNTP post, there is the
newsticker alternative

- Konversation

ERC or RCIRC both are builtin packages of Emacs
- Kopete
BitlBee is the option and it will be used in combination with either ERC

Not sure I have anything else using Akonadi. I gather that I perhaps
also lose some calendar and event handling, which I don't use atm.

Although there is diary and calendar in Emacs, I found Org-Mode as the
best of all. My notes, agenda for the whole year are within it and hey
they are plain text files and end allowing me to read them in any system

It's an option


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