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Re: [opensuse] Re: how to update iso image of opensuse releases to the latest (fixed) packages that had been released ever since gold status?
  • From: cagsm <cumandgets0mem00f@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 14:16:42 +0200
  • Message-id: <>
ok thanks for all the replies, but this is leading me actually not
really anywhere in this special term that I have described, I was
giving an exact example, that for example darn bugs in perl bootloader
scripts, grub or mkinitrd and kernels simply bring down whole stable
systems especially when you upgrade them.

as you guys have pointed out correctly, the isos never change with
opensuse, so I must make a way to exchange crucial packages inside the
original iso files from the opensuse project. So I guess I must iso
edit them, or take a look at this kiwi stuff or whatever.

I mean, logical reasoning would tell me, that if a vanilla release
resulting in as iso was doing kinda fine, and patches in contained
packes (rpms) were later sorted out, "simply" replacing lower
versioned number (small version number increases/patches/fixes) inside
the iso with the latest patched versions from the update repo, would
still give me a stable iso as the updates and patches never jump that
much as to lose functionality, or change fundamentally. after all they
are called patches hotfixs and updates.

To make this short, I really advocate for opensuse putting more weight
onto absolutely delivering "bug-free" crucial packages which are
needed for fundamental workings of a systems, so this would be to my
limited knowledge, the kernel, the boot process and maybe a few
crucial drivers and stacks. All the fancy stuff as with applications,
sound doesnt work, or pixel junk (no hangs or crashes ofcourse) or
some noncrucial libs missing or source trouble or locales or other
stuff, isnt important according to my understanding, as those kind of
packages can really be applied from within the basically running
system just fine wia even remote access such as network, ssh, zypper
and curl wget and whatnot.

but when opensuse releases just give crazy output during
install/upgrade such as grubdev2unixdev and kill your menu.lst, vlan
tags suddenly not working any more in all network devices, or graphics
drivers inside the kernel or whatever parts interacting with each
other that simply dont bring up the system any more unless you
manually need to apply some anti-kernelmodesettings commands in some
config places, are completely lethal to my understanding.

please opensuse project members, make fundamental packages most
important and taken care of, and skip all the rest to later times when
these elemental things are really working.
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