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Re: [opensuse] Linux RAID and different version of openSUSE
On 16/08/12 14:48, Roger Oberholtzer wrote:
I have an 11.2 system with a software raid disk set. The disks are ext3.

I am curious what issues I might encounter if I updated the OS to 12.1
or 12.2. Specifically:

- Would the disks be compatible? Seems a silly question. But I have
been in situations where lack of compatibility was unexpected.

- After mounting on 12.x, could I expect the disks to work if I
reverted to 11.2?

The disks are data-only. The OS is elsewhere. So the question is not
about reverting the OS. It is really about mounting the disks on 11.2,
12.2, and back to 11.2.

AFAIK you should have no problems. I have kept my /home on a software
RAID1 array through several upgrades.

You would be mounting the device /dev/md0 at a particular mountpoint, eg
/home or /mnt. The system doesn't care if /dev/md0 comprises one or
several physical disks, that's a job for the mirroring software (mdadm).

However, if your disks contain configuration files, which is highly
likely if they are users /home directories, then these will be altered
by the upgrade process, and may not be compatible when you revert to oS
11.2. This won't apply if they just contain data, such as documents,
pictures etc.



Bob Williams
System: Linux 3.1.10-1.16-desktop
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"release 555"
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