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Re: [opensuse] Re: Separate /usr?
On 08/14/2012 04:01 PM, Joachim Schrod wrote:
David C. Rankin wrote:
On 08/09/2012 11:11 PM, Rodney Baker wrote:
The FHS is complementary to the LSB which (afaik) openSuSE purports to be
or less compliant with (but I'm open to be corrected if that is wrong).
Therefore, openSuSE should also be compliant with the LHS.

It is the "more or less" part that has led to the complete failure of FHS to
accomplish the purposes for which it was envisioned. The FHS in its present
is an excellent standard which if complied with would provide for better
distro portability of all opensource code and accomplish its intended
purpose of
providing a standard framework of file locations to be relied on by those
developing software for Linux. The genesis of the project was to solve the
years ago of "why do all the good games only run on ms..."

However, instead of embracing FHS, the opensource community created libtool,
automake, etc...

This is complete and utter bullsh*t.

We created libtool, automake, to cater for the differences
between UNIX(tm) systems, not for those puny differences in file
system layout people like you whine about. You obviously don't know
about the potential differences one has to care about when one
wants to develop, compile, and maintain an application for SunOS
(not Solaris!, at least not after 2.2), HP-UX, IRIX, AIX, Tru64
Unix, Ultrix, and -- last, but not least -- Eunice.

echo "Congratulations. You aren't running Eunice."
--Larry Wall in Configure from the perl distribution

(Nowadays Eunice doesn't even have a Wikipedia page anymore.)

I was there and was among those people who created this, I am witness.

Please do *not* try to rewrite history. You were not part of it.

I understood his comment to be limited to opensource, and specifically
Linux and variants. But I know what your point is about. Opensource
tools are used not only for opensource but for the abovementioned
closed source systems and other more proprietary systems as well. Open
source generally precedes the opensource movement by decades. I happen
to still have some evidence of that.

We (the generic "we") need to know a lot more about history like this
but it seems to be deprecated as well, except for the hardware
histories. Having it written and recorded is very helpful. I've
forgotten so much and can't recall everything perfectly so a written
record would be an invaluable reference. People coming to opensource
and computers in general later on won't know why things are the way
they are and will naturally assume that the way things were when they
started are the way they've always been.


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