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Re: [opensuse] Partition Recovery? Is it even missing to begin with or just shifted?

On Sat, 11 Aug 2012, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2012/08/11 01:06 (GMT-0500) David C. Rankin composed:
my biggest questions is just "What in the heck to
do with the stuff that is in sectors 1-62 that is currently junked. We will
to work that out as well.

The first 63 sectors comprise the boot track on traditionally
partitioned HDs larger than about 4GB. The last 62 of those usually
contain nothing, but on occasion OnTrack Disk Mangler or EZDive or
other mismanagement software might be found there on drives larger
than the BIOS supported at installation time, or some forms of RAID
info, or OS/2 LVM and Boot Manager info,

Actually, if you install Grub(1) into the MBR, it also uses that space
for its stage1.5 with the FS driver, in dcr's case MBR + sectors 1-19

or on Windows systems, malware.

As it turned out in this case.


Zu schön um nicht gesiggt zu werden ;-) [Rainer Behrendt in dag°]
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