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[opensuse] Re: Thunderbird and IMAP
Rajko wrote:
On Sun, 05 Aug 2012 13:24:10 +0200
Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I would tend to agree with Linda that it is a poorly chosen default.

Default is for majority, or average, email users.
Default, majority have POP3 accounts.

No question. easily over 75% of the market.

IMAP -- very rare -- as B.G., (b4google), free mail
services didn't keep email on their servers.

IMAP was designed for corporate use where roaming profiles
would be a strongly possibility. The default to store a 6G IMAP store
in a users ROAMING profile that gets uploaded and downloaded to the
server (or sync'ed anyway) @ each login is one of the most self-serving
and unthinking decisions mozilla has made.

My searches in a large email box take about -- FULL text are faster
on IMAP than it could be locally. on a 24MB email box -- <1 second,
on a 49MB email box... 7 seconds. (Weird!?).... Most of my email boxes
are <15MB. (using Dovecot).

They want to cache it locally for speed?, but I have to pay for
it everytime I login/out with with a ~10-12 minute wait/Gig added to my logout
(max, that I waited for was 50 minutes, and about 1-2 for login.

But then -- it's of the reasons I put email on the
server was to save space on local desktop (smaller drives) -- server has
large disks. Of course when I logout, I get my email store duplicated
multiple times (the original), and my Domain login, and my local login (also
has roaming profile).

Also, most likely, none in a discussion has access to the statistical
data about usage patterns, unlike Mozilla developers.
Now days, the newer services off all, (you can use Google can't you?)
but the majority of users with longer term ISP accounts are on POP.... from
user I've ever helped and every end-user account FAQ I ever read -- all were pop

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