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Re: [opensuse] Separate /usr?
On 08/10/2012 07:07 AM, Robin Klitscher wrote:
On 10/08/12 16:11, Rodney Baker wrote:

A general reply to all in this thread; the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard is
currently being revised - the draft of v3.0 has been released by The Linux
Foundation and can be found here:


Can I suggest that anyone who cares enough to argue about it here join that
list and contribute to the development of the final spec? If there are
specific use-cases that justify continued support for a separate /usr
partition (Anton - btw, I'm with you on this one) then the case for that
should be made in the appropriate forums while the spec is still in beta (so
that there is opportunity to have it fixed).

Thank you. That is very enlightening.

Even as an ignorant tyro in these matters I do wonder, though, why it
should be necessary to argue for continued support for a separate /usr
partition when Section 3.1 of the draft already makes the case so
cogently and convincingly?

Or perhaps a better question is why has Fedora chosen a path, and why is
openSUSE about to follow suit, that apparently abandons what seems to me
to be the great good sense set out in the draft FHS in this aspect at

Robin, openSUSE will continue to support a /usr. So, there should not be a problem...

Robin, read my replies and those of others: This was an educational exercise. Enough of that from my side, I've got some answers ;)

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