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Re: [opensuse] Separate /usr?
Basil Chupin said the following on 08/09/2012 08:26 AM:

I am not that there is any useful mileage to be gained from having a
separate /usr partition but there is usefullness in creating a separate
partition called, say, /data to contain some of the directories/folders
normally kept in your /home directory. Doing this you can
install/re-install your oS by formatting your partitions except for
/swap and /data without first haivng to backup your /home directory (or
rather the important files in it).

Indeed, and you can symlink (or mount -B) from ~/MyDocuments,
~/MyDownloads, ~/MyMedia, ~/MyMail and so on.

Actually I have separate partitions for all those :-)
Regular readers will recall that I use LVM so creating more as those
containers fill up (~/MyMedia/Music, ~/MyMedia/Photos, ...) is not a

Search the archives for the benefits of using LVM with RAID.

Doing this also makes it possible for other distro installations to
access /data/Symed/ folders - Thunderbird installed on, say, openSUSE
12.1 can be access by openSUSE 12.2 and later by 12.3 when I install
that. You get the picture :-) .

Or, as I do, put it on the file server and use NFS ...

No really; my file server is a craqqed out old Dell but I can do the
'thin client' thing ...

"I am always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught".
-- Winston Churchill
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