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[opensuse] revert to libreoffice 3.4 from 3.5 in openSUSE 12.1

Opensuse 12.2 OSS repo originally had libreoffice 3.4.
The OBS LO repo and now the 'official' update repo
contains LO 3.5. Currently I have the latest official
3.5.4 update packages installed. It works.

I would like to revert to LO 3.4 since I don't like
version 3.5. I don't like that the page margins are
not shown as before and page breaks are not shown at
site but between pages. Furthermore Ctrl+Shift+Home/End
combination does not select text as expected, only moves
the cursor at start or end of the document. I checked
whether the combination is occupied by KDE but there
is not such combination on my shortcut list.

My question: What is the proper way to revert to
OSS 3.4 version? Previously I removed all LO 3.5 packages
and reinstalled 3.4 but after that LO did not start with
error message:

terminate called after throwing an instance of

independently from which LO component was called.

Is it not possible to go back to LO 3.4 from 3.5
on an up-to-date (update patches installed) 12.1
system or could there be some problem with my

Does anyone have similar experience after moving back
to LO 3.4 from 3.5?

Thanks in advance,


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