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Re: [opensuse] tranfer a DVD to *.avi or WMP files?

On Thu, 09 Aug 2012, Joe Zien wrote:
This may be off topic but I find this forum very helpful.

I have some old VCR tapes I want to transfer to DVD.
I have a VCR/DVD combo recorder that I can dub VCR to DVD.
How can you convert the DVD to *.avi files or Windows
Media Player files so I can e-mail them to my family?
I googled this and found an opensource Windows .exe program "handbrake"
and "handbrake" in linux but couldn't get either to run.

Has anyone tranfered a DVD to *.avi or WMP files?

Some whole series. Simple answer: don't. .avi is b0rken by design.

Use the Matroska (.mkv) container.

And, for converting the DVD, handbrake is _just_ the tool. Works like
a charm.

What did not work? Have you installed all dependencies? Oh, and where
did you get handbrake from? From Packman?


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