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[opensuse] Re: how do I boot to a text console in 12.2?
Felix Miata wrote:
2-Kernel/initrd changes require "running" lilo before a reboot can use them.
This is because lilo a lilo booted kernel doesn't need
to know the FS format before booting --- it reads the boot code from the disk
sectors. This is the most efficient type of boot though it can have problems.

I always run a lilo as part of my install new kernel script, so it
was never an issue.

Grub needs to know how to read a file system -- and how to read those
file sectors off disk. It screwed that up so badly, that Suse stopped
supporting XFS because grub doing direct disk read/writes on a live file
system wasn' supported.

I was told that was fixed, but XFS support at SuSE never recovered to
where it was.

Now SuSE doesn't support TEXT MODE booting, because it's not in GRUB?

HEY LYNN, it still works in LILO!
I remember that breaking in Grub when I first tried switching to grub
because grub uses a graphical boot instead of BIOS VGA chip modes...

3-Grub shell allows to manually boot from the Grub shell, crucially handy if menu.lst is missing or otherwise problematic.
Can you use grub to boot directly from the hard disk, or do you
need a ram disk to pre-boot from in order to really boot from your hard

4-Interactive editing of initrd & kernel cmdline.
5-Chainloads NTLDR, IBM BM (at least in theory), other Grubs, & even Lilo.
lilo allows both of those

6-Easily configurable & installable even though booted to another OS or media.
7-Needs no files in /etc to be able to function or configure.
You mean the "System Config dir?"... why would having config
dirs in the system config dir be a bad thing?

And so far, I've never had problems with video... well... sorta scratch...
when I boot from memory (kexec), but that doesn't count -- it's not using
lilo then..

Hey, I would love to use grub if it worked...but last time I
tried it -- it turned off the video during boot and I couldn't see
the bootup....

That's probably what the OP wants too!... grub isn't giving her one of the
builtin VGA or EVGA console modes....

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