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Re: [opensuse] Thunderbird - losing email (archive stops 2010, inbox empty before 5/2011)

I found Thunderbird 3.1's archiving "feature" rather dismal. It lost
all the messages I wanted to keep and it kept all the messages I
didn't want. Also, it made multiple archives of the same messages
across four years, putting them in the wrong archives. I haven't used
it since so I missed any more archiving problems since then but I
haven't avoided other problems between 3.6 and 12.0. It did lose some
more incoming messages somewhere after 3.6.x. Fortunately I had
incoming mail delivered to a second account as well using aliases just
in case this problem reoccurred.

There are better practices, which use procmail, postfix and/or
external mail archivers. Aliases can also be used to send messages to
more than one address. Separate mailservers or relays can also be
used. Backup utils might also help although they're intended to only
backup filesystems.

I'm thinking about using file versioning to do some data recording
where I don't want risk losing data during a file write or append
operation. cp can do file versioning even when the filesystem doesn't
support it. This could also be useful for mail archiving.


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