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[opensuse] Thunderbird - losing email (archive stops 2010, inbox empty before 5/2011)

This is potentially critical and I hope it is just because I am doing something wrong in tbird 14. The server is postifx, the mta is dovecot, the mailbox is imap.

I was searching for some critical emails from March and April 2011. Checking my inbox, there are no messages prior to 5/31/2011. WTF? So I then looked in the "archive" folder expecting to find them - nothing. There is nothing in "archive" since 12/12/2010. There is another folder called "Archive", but it has nothing in it.

Checking the Settings -> Copies & Folders under Message Archives, I have the following:

[x] Keep messages archives in:
o "Archives" Folder on Rankin Law Firm
Archive options...
When archiving messages, place them in:
o Yearly archived folders
[x] Keep existing folder structure of archived messages

Checking the actual mail files on the server in ~/Mail, I have an "archive" showing the date of "May 18 2011 archive". However, when I look at the archive in tbird there is nothing shown from 12/12/10 on and nothing in my inbox before 5/31/11. So where is all the mail from 12/12/10-5/31/11?

I cannot express the enormity and implications of a potential loss like this. Apparently the mail is still in the "archive" file, but not displayed in the "archive" folder of tbird?

How do I get the mail back?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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