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Re: [opensuse] Buggy thunderbird 13?
Am 23.07.2012 06:51, schrieb j debert:
On 07/22/2012 09:43 AM, DenverD wrote:
On 07/22/2012 01:50 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:

the "folder busy" problem i have seen, and believe it to be that TB
is "compacting" a
folder (or folders) least that was the reason _here_ that i
saw a new message
demanding i click before work could, the work
around was:

Yes, but you see, I do want compacting to happen, I have had the
setting enabled for years
without a problem. It is now that it is problematic.

so, at least one other _has_ seen it, so i'd say: log your bug (the
workaround is ok for me)

Did Mozilla fix this for 13.0.1? Cos I don't see such a problem there.

Hmm, I cannot remember what the fix was between 13.0 and 13.0.1.
Actually it might be related. Anyway Thunderbird 14.0 is on its way to
the update repo (wondering why it's not there yet as FF is already).


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