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Re: [opensuse] Buggy thunderbird 13?
On 2012/07/23 14:27 (GMT+0200) Carlos E. R. composed:

I have several main folders :-)

Me too, since long before TB was a twinkle in its mother's eye (first Netscape 4, then Mozilla Suite {Netscape 5, 6, 7} from which sprung FF, SM & TB).


To many places to click on; computers are made to save us work, not for us to work
for them>:-)

You manage to make it sound more complicated than it is. Each account has a separate trash, so to empty trash, you must do it separately for each account. Empty trash takes all of a millisecond, but doesn't actually get rid of anything, doesn't save any dish space. To do that requires compacting folders. So, since many many moons before the birth of TB, I made a habit to first click inbox, then empty trash, then compact folders, all in the space of less than 3 seconds. The result is trash really gets emptied for that account. I do this nightly for my busy account, and at random times for other accounts.

Why there is no configuration option for the empty trash selection to trigger compacting is beyond me, since empty trash alone does nothing but hide "deleted" emails from the UI. Until compaction is performed, the "deleted" files remain hidden within their respective "folders".

If clicking on compact folders after clicking empty trash is really so much trouble, you might want to consider changing the value of compact when it will save to 1, so that compacting will automatically happen rather quickly after each relatively small group of messages is deleted.
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