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Re: [opensuse] Buggy thunderbird 13?
On 07/21/2012 10:00 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:

Eventually, when syncing for off-network usage, it says that some
operation did not complete because some folder is busy doing something
else. I have to click ok and continue. This message is new. What on
earth do I care the problems it finds? I want it to shut up and do its
job as it always did. It doesn't even say what folder is busy and doing
what and ordered by whom, so that I have a chance of killing that
Anybody else has seen this?

have not seen the [snipped from above] mouse pointer problem..

the "folder busy" problem i have seen, and believe it to be that TB is "compacting" a folder (or folders) least that was the reason _here_ that i saw a new message demanding i click before work could, the work around was:

Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Network & Disk Space, and in the Disk Space section of the dialog _either_ uncheck the box "Compact folders when it will save over ___ MB" or run up that spinner to a higher value..

it is new, i think recent TBs were delivered with compacting default enabled...or set to a lower value that earlier.

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