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Re: [opensuse] What the reason behind the Mozilla "version race"?
On 7/20/2012 4:34 PM, Cristian Rodríguez wrote:
El 20/07/12 12:38, David C. Rankin escribió:
Guys, Lew,

Does anybody have any understanding about why Mozilla sees fit to race
forward with version numbers on what seems like an every other month
pace? We enjoyed firefox/tbird version 2.x-3.x for what seems like
years, yet we have raced from 3.x - 14.x in the blink of an eye.

Anybody know why? I understand how version numbers work, major/minor
milestones, build numbers, etc.., but I'm just curious if anyone has the
scoop on why we've jumped from 3-14 in such a short period of time -
relatively speaking.

Version numbers are meaningless on the current state of affairs in
software development. they are no more than marketing tool now.

Well, actually not in this case.
So many plugins to FF are sensitive to version numbers that anyone living
on the beta channel had better resign themselves to constantly being without
the key useful plugins on any given day.

Often, the plugin dev need only change the required version numbers in
the plug in to get it to work.

There was a time where minor (decimal) version numbers could be reasonably
expected tow work and integer version numbers could almost always be
assumed to require plugin changes. No longer, and we have lost something
in this change of methods.

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