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[opensuse] Re: openSUSE build & testing procedure and faulty pruning of builds causing rpmbuild failures
Brian K. White wrote

To end on some shred of a positive note, I bet despite all this, if you wanted, you would still probably get help figuring out what YOU are getting wrong and get your package built and even show you the real answer to any questions you have about how gpl is preserved at all points along the way, if you asked that way.


You apparently missed the part about the samba problems being resolved and that
samba built just fine -- I had no problem with that part...

But this part:

Using osc or rpmbuild are just conveniences.
Open suse builds using this. If you have things
installed, like the package you just built (the devel packages in
the samba.spec file, in particular), then there is a bug in
the spec file used by rpmbuild. Tries to build full support for
everything you have installed. This includes support for the
samba database tools ldb, and tdb (and their man pages).

If you have those devel packages installed, the manpages are installed,
(as one example of failure), and the build fails due to the build root
having unexpected files produced.

In another instance, the presence of the devel package for ldb (I think),
led to the ldb tools being installed in the place where binaries get
installed rather than a subdir.
So again, the spec file fails because it tries to delete the tools out of
(check my previous postings -- ) /usr/lib64/ldb/...when the tools they want
to delete are in /usr/lib64.

None of these issues are caused by my not knowing how to build --
but are caused by trying to build only parts of the normal samba package and
delete others. The presence (installation) of the packages just built would
trigger the parts in the script to install supporting files.

By building in a sterile env, you don't get the same behavior as when
you build those tools from a tarball.

The normal tarball works, it's the sterilization code that was

So you are right, it's about my ignorance of a suse-specific
that is required to build suse packages. It's not even about rpmbuild (though
it uses the spec file that doesn't "prune" the package corrrectly. If
OS took the easy route and didn't try to delete files that would normally be
installed, this problem wouldn't have happened.

This is why I recommend suse build on systems that they support ---
installed with the release (or prior release) and that have devel packages
associated with the product they are building installed.

That's easily a normal expectation -- that suse requires the devel
packages of the product you are building NOT to be installed goes against
all standard software practice. imagine having to uninstall the linux kernel
or sources before you generate it? Would that make sense? Then why should
I expect devel packages in samba would cause a problem in building it?

But you are right ... I'm not educated about these new fangled
build procedures. There's always new stuff that I don't know... but
that's why we have society and customs -- which include established ways of
doing things. If you rewrite the rules at every release, of course you can
claim they are ignorant - as you've violated normal and/or customary
But you get to be right.
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