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Re: [opensuse] openSUSE flaunting GPL
On 7/15/2012 1:43 PM, Linda Walsh wrote:
Seems like openSUSE doesn't bother to include sources anymore for
building their packages.

Since no one seem to care about the bug in the spec-file for samba-3.6.3
causing it's build
to fail, the fact that perl5.14.2 doesn't build is become evidence of a

The spec file has a requirement on a package 'db-devel', yet there is no
such package.

Presumably it would include the necessary /usr/include/db.h file that
defines the dbm_open
call needed for perl5 to build as well.

Doesn't this violate the GPL that allows suse's software to be licensed
under the GPL?

It's flouting not flaunting, and no they are not guilty of it, at least not by anything you just mentioned.

You just don't know how to resolve build dependencies.

And it's a bit large of a topic to explain in an email, since there are any number of things that might need adjusting when you take something like a spec file or makefile out of one context and try to get it to work in some other context. It's often trivial, and it's often /not/ a trivial project so it's not unexpected to have it not work immediately and require hours or even days of digging and testing.

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