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Re: [opensuse] Laptop recommendation
On 17/07/12 15:34, Lívio Cipriano wrote:
On 17 July 2012 13:41:12 Vadym Krevs wrote:
You can get an ivy bridge i7 with integrated graphics only
Do you know if that works well. Traditionally it's better to have a dedicated
graphics chip.


It is better of course, especially if long battery life, low heat & noise emissions are not that important for you. Apparently, the integrated video card in ivy bridge chipset - HD 4000 - is a bit faster than the one from sandy bridge chipset. An Nvidia 6xx video card (or a dedicated recent AMD card) would still outperform it of course.

I am looking for a 17'' full hd laptop to run opensuse myself, and here is my take on the UK laptop market after several weeks of research:

* Most laptops have some kind of switchable graphics technology in them (NVIDIA Optimus or AMD's Enduro, etc)

* Linux support for NVIDIA Optimus is fairly poor (please don't say that bumblebee is usable ...)

* Linux support for AMD switchable graphics is okayish (via the AMD Catalyst driver)

* Only high-end gaming/3D laptops (and CAD mobile workstations) have dedicated NVIDIA/AMD video cards without Optimus/switchable graphics, and they cost an arm and a leg, and are usually noisy, and/or have overheating problems

* The vast majority of "desktop replacement/high-end multimedia" 17'' full hd laptops have an NVIDIA video card with Optimus which cannot be turned off in BIOS

* The only "desktop replacement/high-end multimedia" 17'' full hd laptop with an AMD video card I can find in UK is the Sony VAIO E Series 17 (, and there are no reports of anyone having managed to install Linux on that.

* There don't seem to be any full hd 17'' laptops with integrated graphics only

So, as you can see, it is not an easy decision to find a full hd 17'' laptop to run Linux. Let us know what you end up buying and how successful you end up in installing opensuse on it :-)


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