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Re: [opensuse] Need help: I found out where s2disk crashes.
Carlos E. R. wrote:
If as Jeff Mahoney said the culprit is a driver, and he suspected the
audio usb driver, that I will try that way. I'm hibernating now this way:

# echo ; date ; rcalsasound stop; pm-hibernate ; rcalsasound start ;

It crashed at the end, same point.

I'll try also stopping network first. This is a nightmare, I'm not
getting anywhere :-/

I read your conversation on opensuse-kernel. Depressing! :(

At least somebody else is interested, and you've eliminated one possible
source of the problem. I can't suggest much to help apart from the
obvious ways to localise the problem:

(1) see which other modules you can remove, either permanently or
temporarily (an expert guesser like Jeff would be useful :)

(2) keep adding more printk's to find the place where it's actually

In some ways it's good that all the printks haven't changed the
behaviour. It makes it seem more likely the problem is some data that
has been corrupted whilst you're working, rather than something that is
caused specifically when you hibernate. I wonder if there are any tools
that can audit kernel data structures, or compile-time options to add
more asserts() or other debugging options?
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