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Re: [opensuse] libreoffice print window units
2012. július 13. 16:11 napon James Knott <james.knott@xxxxxxxxxx> írta:

Istvan Gabor wrote:
Centimeter is sure, a metric unit. I am not sure about SI unit, but
no one said that cm was an SI unit. Why do you mix two system?

Both the links I provided list the base units, such as metre and then a
list of prefixes such as centi. Both links are for "SI", so centimetre
definitely is part of the SI system. If you disagree, perhaps you
should let the NIST know they're wrong.

You are right, I did not say you're not.
Since I was not sure about SI units (whether cm belongs to them,
and accordingly to the table you linked, it does), I only stated
that independently of SI system cm is a metric unit. In my original
post there was no mention of SI units but was of metric units.
Second, even if cm was not a SI unit, it'd still be a metric unit, because
these are two different systems. I only tried to make this clear.
What you are saying only confirms that SI adopted the metric
system for length.


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