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Re: [opensuse] libreoffice print window units
James Knott said the following on 07/13/2012 08:10 AM:
Martin Helm wrote:
Am 13.07.2012 12:25, schrieb Dave Howorth:
Centimeter isn't a metric unit :-P SI goes in thousands km, m, mm
for the range 10^-3 to 10^3 SI units are defined for every integer power
of 10.
powers of 1000 apply outside that range

Here are a couple of sources that say otherwise:

Check the lists of SI prefixes. You'll find centi listed along with
deci, deca and hecto, none of which are powers of 1000.

BTW, NIST is the official U.S. standards body. The other link is for a
German source.

Just wait a dekasecond, there, I've got hectoexamples where usage
differs and those non power of thee units are not used.

recursion (n): See recursion.
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