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Re: [opensuse] Sick of this...
Carlos E. R. said the following on 07/07/2012 05:38 PM:
But the comment was aimed at saying that there are scopes where html
email is the norm, it is not a whole-sized evil :-)

Perhaps the question was badly phrased.

Try this.

Under what circumstances would HTML be absolutely and unequivocally
*NECESSARY* on this list.

Or Elsewhere.

Someone commented that he had received advertising/spam in plain text,
not HTML. Yes, I have too. This demonstrates HTML is not *necessary*
for advertising or spam :-)

However if you want to deceive users as in

<a href=bad site"> Good Site </a>

then HTML absolutely and unequivocally *IS* necessary.

In Thunderbird I can set to 'display plain text only'.
If the message is *only* HTML then I can conclude that the sender hasn't
bothered wit a plain text segment under MIME and is ether and
idiot/incompetent or has other, perhaps malicious, intent. The mail
gets deleted.

Mail from my bank etc etc *does* have a plain text segment. Any
necessary links are there as well and are clearly URLs with no 'disguise'.

If a friend sends me mail with an embedded rather than an attached
picture I can *choose* to view as 'original html'.

But as for HTML replacing plain text "absolutely and unequivocally
*NECESSARY*" under all conditions: NO WAY!

Quoniam Stercus Accidit
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