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Re: Re: [opensuse] Sick of this...
  • From: Arun Khan <knura9@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2012 20:26:21 +0530
  • Message-id: <>
On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 7:58 PM, James Hatridge <James.Hatridge@xxxxxx> wrote:

So far you're the only one to give a real answer to this, thanks for that. Do
you know if kmail has this option? I've not been able to find it. But this
still bring us back to the first question. Why does this list not keep up with
the times.

Please read the responses on this issue. The mailing list programs
are not behind times. Text only mode is the setting. This is true
for *all* FOSS technical mailing lists that I am a member (openSUSE,
CentOS, Debian, bridge-utils, linux-kvm, openwrt, zeroshell, voyage
linux ......)

It has nothing to do with cheaper storage and/or faster bandwidth.

Whereas, HTML formatted messages are the norm in Web forums and you
will hardly see any pure text based discussions and that is OK for Web
forum as you view them in your web browser.

Ten years ago, when almost no one had anything faster than 56k then
it was understandable. But now even someone one out in the middle of no where
Germany has at least DSL 2000 so this rule is silly. I'm on over 60 lists and
am the owner of 4. This is the only list I have this problem with.

Not true Please see above.

A counter point about your net connectivity speeds - in many
developing nations the speeds that you are talking about is not even
within the reach of enterprises or at very hefty price. In some
nations even a dial up connection is the luxury of a few and their
bandwidht is *metered*.

Now imagine your **HTML rich** message getting loading into his/her
mailbox. First of all it takes time and secondly his/her usage gets
counted for every useless character of the HTML formatted message that
goes into the mailbox.

Therefore, plain text messages is the most suitable denominator IMO.

Email/SMTP was meant for plain text. HTML formatted messages get
encoded and sent as MIME attachment. It is true that most email
clients have can handle this and decode the MIME attachment into your
*rich* presentation format.

And yes, KMail can be configured to send HTML or plain text depending
on the recipient. I don't have it front of me but look around the
settings section.

My two cents.

-- Arun Khan
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