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Re: [opensuse] oS 12.1: DSL device are not shown in YaST configuration window
2012. július 3. 8:06 napon Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx> írta:

Istvan Gabor wrote:


I have configured DSL internet connection in openSUSE 12.1.
The network is working, but I can't modify the connection's
properties as the DSL devices window in YaST is empty, that is
it does not show the configured device(s). The providers window
shows the configured providers normally.
I would like to change the connection mode of the DSL device but
I can't since there is nothing to select in the devices window.
This works well in my openSUSE 11.2 system.
Is this a bug in oS 12.1 or am I missing something?
Is there a fix?

If you've also installed the latest 12.1 updates, it sounds like a bug.

I started network config again from zero.
The network card could be configured normally.

Here I the steps of DSL/ADSL device configuration, started from
no device configured.

1. Fig 1: opening the DSL config widow ins YaST, empty:

2. Clicking "Add" results in Fig 2:

3. clicking "next": Fig 3:

4. clicking "next" again, Fig 4, giving provider's data:

5. "next": connection parameters window, Fig 5:

6. Clicking next in connection parameters window results
in "Configuration" window. See the named DSL device in DSL
tab, and related info in the lower window, Fig 6:

7. The configured provider in the "providers" tab, Fig 7:

After this clicking OK completes DSL device configuration.

Checking the configured DLS device, clicking again DSL in YaST:

8. "DSL configuration overview" window with empty DSL devices
tab. Should contain previously configured device. Fig 8:

9. the "providers" tab shows the configured provider correctly,
Fig 9:

Since the DSL devices window is empty, I cannot configure/change
how device should connect to the net (at boot, on hotplug, manually).
Even if I configure it as "at boot" I have to connect manually
after logging in. I want the machine to connect to the net
automatically at boot. For example if I restart it from another
computer I want to be able to connect to it again.



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