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Re: [opensuse] bind DNS: forwarders not working unless named is restarted
On 03/07/12 13:07, Carlos E. R. wrote:
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On 2012-07-03 11:56, lynn wrote:

/etc/boot.local but it seems that the network is still not up when
boot.local is run.

You do know that boot.local is not supported by systemd, you have to add
the support yourself.

Hi Carlos, hi everyone

No. boot.local works fine with systemd. Just add your commands to /etc/init.d/boot.local and it runs them. I can't find out _when_ it runs them however.

And the implementations I have seen do not
guarantee the point where it runs: not at the very start of the boot
sequence, not at the end...

You could use cron with an @reboot line, maybe it runs later; if not,
simply add a delay in your script or call line.

Yeah, I know. I just get the feeling we're losing it a bit at the server end. On peanut-gallery 12.04 Linux, the forwarders just work. With us, they don't. I know it's niggles and I know that there are workarounds. In the current situation, the last thing I want to do is distract the dev's from their 12.2 work.

I think that for openSUSE servers, 11.4 evergreen or 12.1 with sysvinit is the way to go.
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