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Re: [opensuse] how to install wine 1.5.7

On 07/01/2012 01:13 AM, DenverD wrote:
On 07/01/2012 01:58 AM, Robert Benjamin wrote:
Two yast icons appeared: one had settings above it, the other had
applications. clicked both and got the same result: An Administrator
Settings Box. Didn't ask for root password. So I stopped here. Thanks

good you did...i can only think of one condition which would allow YaST to start without asking for a root password: it sounds like when you logged into GNOME you did so as root....which you should not do..

yes, i know in Windows you can (must??) log in as administrator in order to be in control--but *not* in openSUSE, or any *nix-like OS....

one way to help make Linux as insecure as Windows is to log into the desktop environment (DE) as root/super user/administrator..

so: 'always' log into the DE as yourself, a regular user and only invoke root powers when actually more on that here root and (and tens of thousands of other places on the net)

on the two YaST icons: use the one with "Administrator Settings"

have you yet discovered you might be thrilled to find

and, yours are _very_ basic getting started questions, so i wonder if you have also discovered some of our other sources? like, the new-to-Linux/openSUSE guides in, in particular the two threads near the top with names beginning with "NEW Users" are packed with stuff you need to know..

and, generally this (and all) openSUSE mail lists are not the best place to be for such neophyte Q&A, i'd suggest you look in on the forums..they are available either though a web interface at or nntp, read about how to do that here:

on the other hand, if you wish to not read, and just explore--that will be fun too....but not nearly as stable, dependable, predictable or quick....and, fairily soon the old heads/hackers on this list will tire of answering questions so very basic..

again, welcome.....and, Have a lot of fun.

"It is far easier to read, understand and follow the instructions than to undo the problems caused by not." dd 23 Jan 11

Just started reading the links and

for now I picked selected topics and realized I don't have a taskbar at the bottom with menu nor can I access yast and then the 4 repositories listed. So not sure what's with that. I installed from a mirror site and a iso on a cd. Should I do this again? Don't really mind. BTW my pc has removable HDs (SATA) and only one can be connected at a time. With sales, I have 3 HDs with various Linux distros and the "comes with" win 7. Each OS is on it's own HD all alone. So I can start over if need be and get the menu item in the taskbar at the bottom and be able to access yast and the repos as it said in the links. Should I re-install or is there an easier and less time consuming way to do this? Did you ever consider writing a manual for newbies in a .pdf format. You are very good at it from what I see so far. Thank you Denver.

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