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Re: [opensuse] gcc and loader problems with clean environments....
Notice gcc doesn't load cc1.


Here's using "-l" with dash":
Ishtar:/tmp> rm -f a.out; env -i dash -lc "gcc world.c && a.out"
Inconsistency detected by dl-lookup.c: 877: _dl_setup_hash: Assertion
`(bitmask_nwords & (bitmask_nwords - 1)) == 0' failed!


If you want to try with further theories I won't hold your previous
assumptions that I'm simply stupid, against you....
I am at LEAST!! 'complexly stupid'.
(i.e. when I screw up, it's _usually_ in some rather arcane manner,
(though not always))...

I told you to ask on the gcc-help@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list, did you do
that? This is not an openSUSE specific problem so please ask on the
upstream list. It's the best place to get answers to your problems.


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