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Re: [opensuse] LXDE how to set default browser
On 3/23/2012 1:55 PM, lynn wrote:
12.1 LXDE
Firefox is the default which doesn't make sense for LXDE.

That is arguable.
Not saying it's wrong, just arguable.
Chrome does start up faster, which may be enough to make the case right there, but it can eat crazy more cpu when running.

Chrome was eating all available cpu running a pure javascript animation (no flash) on a page that was in a tab that wasn't visible.

Firefox used no cpu for the same page if the tab was not in the foreground or if the firefox window was minimized. It used slightly less cpu for the same page even when the tab was visible.

Just an anecdote of course. Maybe the page is poorly written and could have included it's own code to detect when it wasn't in the foreground and pause itself, maybe firefox is taking liberties halting javascript code that it has no business halting, etc..

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