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Re: [opensuse] how to change users home directory
Hans Witvliet said the following on 03/28/2012 03:11 AM:
On Tue, 2012-03-27 at 23:48 -0400, Dirk Gently wrote:

Anyone who NFS mounts something over all of /home is doing it wrong.

Remote home directories should ALWAYS be mounted individually, and
should be automounted.

Perhaps it is allready been solved, but i remember a scaling problem
with that.
Giving each user it's own nfs-mount works ok, and has also a number of
other nice options (krb, encrypt), but does it also perform for larger
number of users, let say >>1000 ?

(but as said, this could be a thing of the past)

One workstation, one user AT A TIME.
The 'scaling' issue is at the server end.
That applies whether you have N individual single user workstations or N
users on M (for M<N) multi-user machines.

My approach of mount at /mnt/server/home/ and symlink would avoid
multiple mounts at a single client if the client were a multi-user
machine rather than a workstation, but that's beside the point.

Its beside the point because the real issue is traffic.

You can set NFS up to run in UDP - that is connectionless - mode so
that there are no permanent connections and hence no possible
overloading of any limited connection tables at the server end. Yes
you pay in performance, the set-up/tear-down, but that gets back to the
traffic issue.

Late model *NIX doesn't have the compiled-in table sizes of the V7 days!

The emphasis should be on "why" we do a job - W. Edwards Deming
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