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Re: [opensuse] Re: how to change users home directory
Anton Aylward wrote:
Dirk Gently said the following on 03/27/2012 03:29 PM:
lynn wrote:
El 26/03/12 13:36, Anton Aylward escribió:
jdd said the following on 03/26/2012 05:51 AM:

may be mount /home2 (--bind?) on /home, you can still access it
directly (not tested, just a guess)

Call me paranoid but ... I'd never mount directly on /home

It's not paranoid. The box I'm working on is an exception on our network.
It is the only box which has a local user. All the other Linux boxes have
an empty /home and simply use it as a mount point.

That's the problem.

TGhey are nfs mounting /home (asking for trouble)

I told you, I'm paranoid about things like that.
It *is* asking for trouble

rather than automounting /home//username, which is
the PROPER way of doing NFS-mounted home directories.

I think that's asking for trouble as well.

mount server:/home on /mnt/server/home
along with /mnt/server/share and whatever else
and have /mnt/server2/ and so forth.
make it regular and it's easy to debug!

The symlink from /home/<account> to /mnt/server/home/<account>

Heck, if you have autofs ....

Your company's admins are both lazy and incompetent, at
least at his task. Expect hem to whine and complain
when you ask them to fix the problem they created and
push out proper automount tables listing each user
rather than just lazily assuming that all users
accounts will always be stored within one and only one
/home filesystem on one and only one server.

Automount per user isn't that difficult and there are plenty of
example of what Dirk is describing in the books and on-line.
I've always been lucky to have single "/home" servers, but I'd never
presume that to be always the case.

Even if it is the case, presuming that it will ALWAYS
be the case is just plain intellectually lazy. And as
Lynn's plight shows, it causes as many problems as it solves.
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