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Re: [opensuse] OT I need an interested developer
On Monday 26 March 2012 06:22:32 Dave Howorth wrote:
Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
Second, what you are talking about is "accessibility", usually known as
"a11y". Go to <> for people and
information focussed on a11y.

Well, I'm not sure it is. What he appears to be talking about is screen
imaging of paper documents. i.e. a video-or-computer-assisted magnifying
glass. The devices I'm thinking of are described at

Hello Dave, Thanks for your input.

Yes, you are correct. You are describing machines that are commercially
available and are completely self contained and or can use the computer
monitor independently with no computer assistance. I have never seen one for
$800 though and I have used one for $200. They are still bulky things that
require a lot of space and still require moving the material around under the
camera lens.

In my proposal the process would be done through computer software wher the
magnification and scrolling would be with the mouse or cursor keys by
combining camera and graphical viewer software. as I explained in the URL
that I posted.

lNo big bulky machine and no moving of material, and it would be free! for
visibility impaired people. Now I just have to get someone interested to
tackle it.That's why I posted here. A very large number of knowledgeable
people here. Again I must apologize for the OT post but I think it is a
worthwhile and important project.

Bob S
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