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Re: [opensuse] Re: how to change users home directory
lynn said the following on 03/27/2012 02:29 PM:

It's really simple.

lynn logs in /etc/passwd

'lynn' always logged in using /etc/paswd - Correct?

When 'lynn' logged in using /etc/passwd with /home/lynn as $HOME
the login was fast.

Then changes were made.
Files copied from /home/lynn/* to /home2/lynn
(non recursively and no "dot" files copied)

/etc/nsswitch in "compatibility" mode ?
Or was that changed so YP/NIS/LDAP first then files?

lynn2 logs in via ldap

So, login using 'lynn2', hits the LDAP server, server:/home mounted on
/home. After login $HOME is /home/lynn ? or /home/lynn2 ?

I want to kep both but not have the delay when I change from /home to /home2

If this were me I would *NOT* mount server:/home on /home
I would mount it at /mnt/server/home (or whatever mount point)

Then local accounts would have real files under /home so 'lynn' would
not need any of the changes.

Non local accounts would use PAM to dynamically create a symlink from
/home/<account> to /mnt/server/home/<account>

(I admit I cheat)

Take a look at pam_exec and/or pam_script


This is where I started from:

"The government who robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the
support of Paul."
-- George Bernard Shaw
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