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Re: [opensuse] Wrong time zone
On Mon, 26 Mar 2012 23:50:30 Dave Howorth wrote:
Dave Howorth wrote:
Whatever is in the CMOS doesn't affect the kernel's system clock. That
is UTC as Werner said.

This thread's been going long enough that perhaps it's worth restating
the clocks:

(1) hardware/CMOS/BIOS clock - only used at booting. Should normally be
UTC but some versions of Windows required it to be set in the local time
of the administrator.

(2) kernel's internal time - always UTC

(3) system-wide time - should be set to the time zone of the machine
that is running the system

(4) user time - individually set to the local time of each individual
user - defaults to the system time

N.B. That's for a computer kept in a single place, though possibly with
users around the world. I don't know what the convention is on a mobile
computer, though (1), (2) and (4) are unchanged.

Right. And I'll keep running mine the way I always have - system clock set to
local time, Linux and Windows happy (on the laptop - Windows on the desktop
only in VirtualBox), both handling Daylight Savings Time absolutely fine with
no errors, and multiple timezones configured for display on the desktop
clock(s) (yes - multiple analog clocks for different time zones on my desktop)
for easy reference or moving between timezones.

Never had a problem - even with bootup filesystem checks.

Well - only on one laptop with a stuffed motherboard battery that is
impossible to get to and that keeps resetting its system clock to 1/1/2000 if
it is unplugged for more than about 10 minutes :-(.

Rodney Baker VK5ZTV
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