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Re: [opensuse] Is my machine too old for OS 12.1 ?
On Monday, March 26, 2012 Adam wrote :

On Sun, 2012-03-25 at 18:03 +1100, Basil Chupin wrote:
On 25/03/12 07:43, Paul Ollion wrote:
Hello knowledgeable people
I have just installed OpenSuse 12.1 on a not very young PC with AMD
Athlon processor socker 362 ; 1048 Mhz and 1.5 Gb. ram
What do you think of it ? Is there a way out ?

Your problem is the driver for the nVidia card. The "nouveau" driver is
a piece of, ahem,....I cannot say it in polite company :-) .

This statement is extremely unfair. Nouveau works *great*, much better
than the proprietary driver on lots of hardware. Just not *all*

I use nouveau on my workstation [GeForce 8400 GS] and my laptop [GeForce
GT 230M (NB10P GE)] - on both it works perfectly - and fast.

On my laptop I can plug in an external display, have it just-work,
unplug it and be left with a working single display. If I use the
properietary driver connecting an external display requires me to use
the nvidia tool to redetect the display and getting it to work is very

Thank goodness of the awesomeness that is nouveau [provided you have the
right hardware].

On the other hand - that same laptop with openSUSE 11.x - I had to use
the proprietary drivers to get decent performance. Times change.

Install the *real* - that is as in "macho" :-) NVIDIA driver and you
will see a big difference.

Or that makes it nearly impossible to use a secondary display.

You are right
I entirely agreed with Basil's opinion about Nouveau when I experienced all
the troubles it caused ; but I had the most comfortable, fastest and flawless
install of OS 12.1 on a recent machine on which Nouveau works so perfectly
that I had not even noticed I was using it.

Paul Ollion
Proud Linux user SuSE 11.3
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