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Re: [opensuse] Milestone 1 openSUSE 12.2 - my comments on it
On 17/03/12 07:58, LLLActive@xxxxxxx wrote:
What I am suggesting here is that it would be great if those who haven't thought about downloading 12.1 Milestone #1 would consider doing so so that the bugs in 12.2 could be identified more quickly - *BUT* I state this with a *qualification*: Milestone #2 is due out this week so perhaps it would pay to just wait for a day or so and use MS #2.

I'd also like to try this on a VirtualBox installation as a user on usability and comparison to other OS's, and to also maybe address the issue discussed earlier about communication with developers.
Would it not be more helpful at this early stage to start discussions, and not wait for final releases. The problem at the moment could be that there are no non-technical users trying out Milestones or are going to look at Factory. Should such users be attracted at this early stage? What are the experiences by developers? Is it helpful or is it more of a hindrance? Can non-technical users do the same as regular testers? Are the regular testers at openSUSE developers or technical-users? I think anyone can be a tester, but how can non-technical users be attracted to give feedback on usability etc. at an early stage.

You mention that M#2 should be here this week. I found a roadmap here: Here M#2 should be out on 3rd March - can't find it though. Was there a change of plan, or is there another roadmap?

There were unresolved "naughties" as well as technical problems with compiling the files and the release was delayed. This was mentioned - as well as anything to do with work-in-progress - in the opensuse-factory mail list. The official release of MIlestone #2 is now supposed to occur this coming Monday.

HOWEVER, Milestone #2 could be obtained by using 'zypper refresh/up ordup/' route now BUT I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT as me doing so this morning stuffed up - for me at least - my MS #1 installation and from which I cannot easily recover, and installing MS #2 as a fresh install is the only way to go (for me).


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