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Re: [opensuse] "Block images..." in Seamonkey and Thunderbird
On 17/03/12 04:11, James Knott wrote:
Basil Chupin wrote:
The very first entry in the Personal Address book - shown as ">" - is the global entry. By default it is not set (ie it is not ticked). Tick it if you want to allow remote content from every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Where do you see that ">" in the Thunderbird address book. When I open it, I see one that's clicked on to show my lists, but that's all it does.

It is the very first entry in my Personal Address Book (the other 2 are called addresses and Collected Addresses) and this Personal Address Book comes up when you select either Contacts when reading/writing an e-mail (as I am doing now) or when you click on Addresses when you are about to write an e-mail.

I have to add here that I do *not* allow anyone's e-mail - only 1 exception, a broadsheet to which I am subscribed - to display remote text so I don't use this entry.

Now that I am having a think about all this, how hard would it be to simply click on the "button" in Thunderbird when it displays "Remote text blocked" or whatever the wording is?

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I don't want to see any porno stuff or other crap showing up on my screen when I receive unsolicited mail. And even though I and my ISP have filters set for spam/junk such crap still manages to get thru. So, personally, I prefer to be allowed to select whose remote text/graphics I can see on my screen rather than go about stopping the text/graphics *AFTER* the event. But then, that's me :-) .


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