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Re: [opensuse] NFS, unique IDs,
On 16/03/12 18:44, Lars Müller wrote:
On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 06:07:52PM +0100, lynn wrote:
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For nfs, the user need (should) only exist at the server end of the
connection. If the same user exists on both the client and the
server then which set of files does she get and how does she benefit
from an nfs mount? The only advantage I could see in that would be
if she required two sets of userspace. One for her files on the
server and another for her files on the client. You would then mount
her server files on a separate mount point on the client so she
would have the benefit of both. But surely, the point of nfs is that
the client needs only bare bones. The data is mounted on the client.
It is as if the user were sitting at the server.
But how does a NFS setup handles the disconnected use case?

That's the most tricky part. As we're all used to work with more than
one system and mobile computing is already post pleading edge this is
the bigger itenm to me.

Even with a system permanently connected to the network a local copy of
the current content has a huge advantage. Think of network or server
outage situations.

It might also reduce the load, pressure to the server.

Andreas, one of my freinds from the side, works on to get this well integrated.

The general idea had been to have something like roaming profiles with
Linux. We had been faced by this while working on the integration of
Linux system into an existing Microsoft Active Directory environment.

The goal is to have a mechanism which works independent from the actual
authentication target your're using.

With the ID mapping as used in Samba's winbindd we're quite flexible.
From my very quick check dcache.conf doen't offer this. But one of you
might have some more experience with it.


Hi Lars, Hi everyone

We're using Samba4 AD at the moment, bypassing winbind and serving our Linux clients via kerberized nfs with nss-ldap mapping having added the necessary posix classes and attributes to the S4 ldap. It's all very new but also very stable and really is proving to be a good alternative to winbind and which of course is available now. We have found the nfs throughput to our openSUSE clients to be superior to cifs, especially when the lan is busy. It would be interesting to do some actual timings but the effect is evident when working with e.g. large jpgs. The only real problem we have to get over is the mapping between nt sddl, nfs4 and posix acl xattr's. The Samba gurus tell us that this will fall into place when the s4 fileserver is consolidated but even then, I think we'll be on our own with the acl stuff over nfs4.

I don't think there are many openSUSE Samba 4 installations just yet so please step forward if you get any of this. The Debian mob seem to have it stiched up:-( Meanwhile, we have put together a S4/nfs/openSUSE howto here:

L x

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